Father and Son Build in-Home Arcade Fit for Royalty

When arcade enthusiasts reminisce about the Pacman arcade machine and similar titles, they can usually only dream of the day that they would be able to own one for themselves. However, one father-son duo has done the unthinkable; amassed an impressive collection of arcade games, right in the comfort of their home. Not only are there dozens of arcade games of all genres lined up and neatly arranged in their basement, but they also designed an entire entertainment system that is state of the art.

From racing titles to uprights, there are few unused spaces in this family’s outrageous in-home arcade. Unsurprisingly, all games are set to free-play mode. Various pieces of cabinet art lines the ceiling, with a few small spaces designated for food, drinks and other entertainment. It is not known how long it took this family to completely finish their arcade, but it is likely that it took years.

Aside from a high electricity bill, it seems there are virtually no trade-offs to owning every retro arcade game imaginable. Some people are content with owning a single Pacman arcade machine, but there are those that continually crave for more. With each machine costing anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, building your own home arcade isn’t for the faint of heart. On the plus side, in-home arcade owners would really need to keep up with purchasing newer gaming consoles.

Certainly, a considerable amount of time, money and patience went into completing this project, and the payoff is obvious. While the majority of commercial arcades generally focus on promoting newer titles, individuals only have to focus on their own preferences. As an added bonus, home arcade owners don’t have to worry about zoning laws, applying for business licenses or any other types of red tape that can prevent commercial arcade owners from fully realizing their dreams.

The unnamed owners of this home arcade were able to form a perfect partnership that benefited them in the short and long run. Hopefully, father and son are able to spend a lot of time together enjoying the fruits of their labor.