Dozens of Independent Arcade Games to be Showcased at Eurogamer Expo

At every single Eurogamer Expo, new, unique arcade machines and video games are premiered. For some developers, this is there best opportunity to gain exposure and funding opportunities. Those outside of the gaming community are prone to discount independent games because of inaccurate assumptions. Most assume that all indie games are poorly rendered, basic and lack real innovation. Even more think that indie titles are synonymous with online and mobile games.

However, indie titles are often developed by highly skilled individuals, with an immeasurable amount of blood, sweat and tears. Unlike games which are commercially developed, indie projects don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations, with the exception of its creator. Cloudbuilt is just one of the many indie games debuting at Eurogamer Expo 2013, and it is sure to be just as show stopping as any other game made by a more well known company.

In order to develop and manufacture even a single game destined for popular systems like the PS3 or the Xbox 360, literally millions of dollars have to be drummed up. Whether the money comes from an affluent development company with plenty of connections, or a smaller business with lots of potential is irrelevant. What is important is the fact that hundreds, possibly thousands, of hardworking indie developers create games that never see the light of day.

Someone similar to the Final Fantasy Series in terms of 3D graphics, Cloudbuilt is a challenging and mesmerizing game that will have many shocked that it was developed independently. Tomb of Rooms is a puzzle themed game that would be perfectly suitable for any respectable arcade. While many of the indie games that are to be shown at Eugogamer have to be played either on a PC or a mobile device, they can be easily ported to a major gaming system.

Although unknown titles for arcade machines will be in short supply during this year’s expo, a growing movement for independent gaming may help things to change in the near future. Rapid changes in technology are making it more viable for independent parties to build new titles, develop sophisticated platforms and even monetize their creations without the need for major funding.