“Double Dragon” Is Back for the Fourth Time

A cocktail arcade machine is designed to take you back in time to the days of classic gaming. Can you remember far enough back to when “Double Dragon” was all the rage? It’s been a few decades since its original release, but classic gaming fans will soon be able to revisit this martial arts classic.

The History

“Double Dragon” was initially released as a coin-op arcade in 1987. It was created by Technos Japan, the company also responsible for the creation of the “Kunio-kun” franchise.

The game is based on the exploits of two martial artists, Billy and Jimmy Lee. The twin brothers face rivals like the Black Warriors Gang who have taken over New York City. The gang leader wants to steal the secrets of Sosetsuken, the Lee brothers’ martial arts practice, and threaten their love interest, Marian. The beat-‘em-up gameplay allows gamers to move their characters in four directions, but the character is always facing either right or left. Though they use their bare hands to fight, they also use objects like bats or knives to finish off their enemies.

In the original Japanese arcade release, the brothers were named Hammer and Spike. Only when the game was ported to NES and “Double Dragon 3” was released were the brothers’ names changed. The “Lee” last name is borrowed from Bruce Lee. Billy gets his name from a character in the movie Game of Death and Jimmy gets his name from Jimmy Page, the famous guitarist.

The New Game

Arc System Works now owns all intellectual property of Technos Japan, and they’ve decided to bring back the hit “Double Dragon” for another installment. After all, the original game celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. “Double Dragon 4” is set in between the second and third installment in the narrative arc of the story and features the same 8-bit aesthetics as its predecessors, though overall gameplay will run much smoother.

Arc System Works plans on releasing the game on PlayStation 4 and Steam. It’s set for release on January 30th, a great game to start the new year.