Doom Adds an Arcade Mode – It’s a Hit

Upright video game machines were (and are) your first love, and that’s why you will love the latest Doom update. It makes you feel like you’re back in a darkened arcade racing for the next high score on the leaderboard. Doom has offered hours of entertainment to gamers for years, but now it’s upping its own game.

Doom Pioneered First-Person Shooter Games

Doom was first released in 1993 – 23 years ago. Since then, it has ballooned into a franchise that has enjoyed success decade after decade. It is considered one of the early pioneers of the first-person shooter game. Along with that distinction, it also popularized 3D graphics and a network-based multiplayer gaming format. Doom was and is a classic.

The latest release came out in May 2016 and was the first major series installment since 2004. The gamer is a Marine who has to battle the forces of Hell and was accepted with generally positive reviews. By the end of its first month out the title had already sold half a million copies for PC.

The New Arcade Update Is Free

The latest update is the fourth free update released by id Software and includes an arcade mode that has Doom fans exceedingly pleased.

When playing in arcade mode, all of the guns and equipment that must be unlocked throughout the normal campaign mode are available. You are also allowed to customize the guns and gear based on your preferences. The goal is to get your name on the leaderboard, just like back in your arcade gaming days. You’ll get a higher score the faster you kill enemies and collect multipliers.

Doom Made History

Doom was inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2015 for very good reason – it changed the way games were made. Game designers created a separate framework for game function than was used for game artwork. This allowed for more complex modifications and programming to take place. It became a model for other game designers to follow, changing the shape of the industry for years to come.