‘Corollacade’ Racing Themed Game Won’t be Coming to An Arcade Near You

Of all the creative marketing ideas dreamed up by top advertising brands, the newest promotion from Corolla might make the list for the top 10 coolest innovations of 2013. Meet the ‘Corollacade,’ an original arcade cocktail table created to take new car shoppers on the trip of a lifetime. As car companies go head to head competing for end of year sales, consumers can expect to see a slew of new exciting advertisements.

Toyota decided to take things a bit further, hiring a development team to make their vision come to life. The Corollacade was authored by Ogeeku, a little known indie game developer. The actual game cabinet and hardware for the Corollacade comes from older model racing gamers of the 80s and 90s. The graphics might not be that impressive to the younger generation, but more mature consumers will definitely find Ogeeku’s homeage endearing.

The premise of Corollacade is to drive the newest model Toyota Corolla around an imaginary city. A video of the game in action depicts a simulation of gamers playing the game as well as details of how Corollacade was made. Just like the exciting racing games of the 1990s, Corollacade features a steering wheel and foot pedals. These specifications allow interested buyers to ‘test drive’ the Corolla without having to actually visit a showroom.

As exciting as the Corollacade appears to be, don’t expect to find it in a local arcade. At present, neither Toyota nor Ogeeku have plans to mass produce the title. However, it will likely be featured at national car shows in 2014 as Toyota makes the rounds. If the game proves to be a success at the car show market, other auto manufacturers may follow suit.

This one of a kind driving simulator took less than 30 days to make, but it took a team effort. More than just a vintage arcade cocktail table, the Corollacade appears to be taking promotional advertising towards a more interactive age. Who knows how many people will take a spin in the Corollacade and end up buying a brand new car. For both Toyota and Ogeeku’s sake, let’s hope the number ends up being fairly high.