Colorado Video and Arcade Game Store Badly Burglarized

When the Knipschilds announced the grand opening of their Greenley, Colorado, arcade gaming and accessories store, they tried their hardest to plan for war in a time of peace. The husband and wife duo had recently opened their gaming store that offered a variety of products and services, including used video games, accessories, arcade and on-demand gaming. Hopeful that their arcade’s signature mixture of coin-op classic arcade machines, video game titles and on-demand game play services would help them to yield a handsome return on their initial investment, the Jim and Cindy Knipchild soon become busy business owners. A little less than 60 days after they welcomed their first customers, the Knipchilds arcade, Game Alliance, was vandalized and ripped off.

While the brazen thieves didn’t bother trying to take off with some of the bulkier items, they were sure to scour every corner looking for money. Nearly 10 home gaming consoles and several large, flat screen TVs were stolen from the premises. Arcade machines were drained of cash and almost every video game stocked at Game Alliance was also stolen in the burglary. Tragically, the Knipchilds didn’t have adequate business insurance, so there is no way that they can recover their losses.

As the couple ponders their future, they have received a little support by way of recent fundraising efforts. Named a “New Hope for Game Alliance,” an online fundraising project has yielded more than $1,200 in the 48 hours that it has been live. Given the fact that Jim Knipchild is incredibly passionate about his business and had invested most of his savings into the newly formed company, many people have been moved to shared his family’s store as well as make a donation when possible.

All told, the Knipchilds estimate that have incurred more than $19,000 in losses. Since their refurbished classic arcade machines were left unscathed, the couple has at least a few pieces of equipment to work with. It will take substantial time and a generous amount of cash in order to regain all of the video game titles that they lost. However, time heals all wounds, and the Knipchilds are working to preserve their company with the support of their community.