Why is the Console So Important? Take a Look at the PS4 Pro

As an arcade game lover, you probably thoroughly enjoy a cocktail table arcade game just as much as you enjoy conquering the next level on the latest mainstream title. You find a platform you like, find a game you like and start gaming.

For gaming industry giants like Sony, the process of how you as a gamer choose your platform is very important. If companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo can make their platform the most desirable, they will gain more gamers and their actual games will have a much larger audience.

With that in mind, Sony is setting out to make the PlayStation the console of choice for all types of gamers, especially if they happen to be looking for a hardware upgrade but want to keep their PS4 game collection.

The Draw of the PS4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 console was first released in 2013. In three years, a lot can happen in the gaming world, where developing technology drives creation.

To keep up with consumer expectations, Sony is making an unprecedented move. Instead of only releasing a slimmer, sleeker version of their latest main gaming console, they’re updating the hardware significantly as well for the Pro version as an added enticement to consumers.

The central draw to the PS4 Pro is its ability to output 4k quality. Your current PS4 games will look better – the colors will be richer and the streaming will be smoother. On top of that, you don’t have to buy new games. You can just enjoy the better quality content without worrying about replacing your entire collection.

Should You Upgrade?

If you’re a serious gamer who recently bought a 4k TV, upgrading to the Pro is probably a must. Sony claims that upgrading will improve your gaming experience no matter what, but it’s probably a given that the difference won’t be as striking unless you have a 4k TV. If your PS4 is working fine and you don’t have any issues with gaming quality, it might not be necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt to add it to your wish list. Since most prediction websites don’t have the PS5 coming out for at least four more years, it might be worth the splurge.