Claw Arcade Games Can’t Cheat You Anymore

When you and your friends would rush into the arcade, you’d be so excited to play the “Pac-Man” cocktail table, you wouldn’t look twice at the claw arcade game. But plenty of kids, teens and adults have wasted countless tokens throughout the decades, trying in vain to get the claw to work the way it should – the way they’re moving the joystick! The American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) is about to change all of that. You may even start to notice the claw game when you enter the arcade, especially if patrons are pulling prizes out of the slot!

The New “Fair Play Pledge”

The AAMA Board of Directors recently unanimously adopted a “Fair Play Pledge” and all manufacturing companies that belong to the AAMA will be required to comply, or else lose their membership. The pledge includes a promise to gamers that all machines will meet these three standards:

1. There will be an opportunity for the player to win the prize by applying gaming skills, and they’ll have the chance to recognize and develop these skills in a sufficient amount of time.

2. With practice and experience, the player will get better at the game.

3. The player controls the game’s outcome. While the pledge is certain to improve your odds of winning, the AAMA doesn’t promise the games will be easy. It’s still going to take quick reflexes and fast adaptation to walk away with a prize. But there won’t be any pre-configured software deciding your fate.

It Took Long Enough!

Why did it take the AAMA so long to make a promise of this kind? The California Bureau of Gambling Control started pushing for stricter arcade regulations in 2013, proposing a potential ban on claw-style arcade games altogether. The pledge is the AAMA’s preemptive move to defend the presence of claw arcade games nationwide. The AAMA also plans to have compliance committees check the configurations of games manufactured by member companies. If software engineers discover a design that’s not in compliance with the pledge’s standards, companies will be forced out of the association. Now you can trust that your hard-earned money won’t be wasted by a scam the next time you decide to try a claw-style arcade game!