Classic Video Gamer Never Wants to Leave the Arcade – So He Builds One in His Home

Remember the movie Big, staring Tom Hanks, that told the story of a boy who suddenly became a 30 something year old man? Well, Mr. Chris Kooluris, of Manhattan, New York, certainly didn’t grow up overnight, but his recent perchance for the past has given him much more attention than he ever expected. Mr. Kooluris and Mr. Hanks may have been approximately the same age when they started to deck out their big city apartments with fully operating cocktail arcade machines, but there is one major difference. Mr. Hanks was playing the lead role in a huge movie, while Mr. Kooluris slowly found himself living anything but a dream.

Prior to settling down and moving in with his serious girlfriend, Kooluris started to learn about classic arcade gaming. He found himself interested in the culture of classic arcade games, and very soon thereafter, he started on a mission unknown even to himself. Every piece of classic arcade gaming memorabilia he could get his hands on, Kooluris grabbed up and transferred to his soon to be sold apartment. As he immersed himself more and more into classic arcade games, his girlfriend started to check out in equal parts.

What Kooluris was left with is a very nifty apartment that represents the very best in classic arcade gaming. Unfortunately, his decision to transform his living quarters into an arcade also ended up driving his then fiancé away and out of his life. Seems like a pretty big trade-off, but Kooluris seems to be coping with his decision okay. Instead of planning for a wedding, Kooluris spends much of his time with friends. Of course, his apartment gets plenty of attention, which is fine with Kooluris because spent a pretty penny putting his spot together.

Although there’s no longer a fiancé in the picture, Kooluris definitely has his sights on more classic cocktail arcade games. Being that there’s limited room in his modest Manhattan apartment, it will probably be some time before he considers significantly updating his collection. Kooluris also admits that he’s a little sad the way things turned out, however, there’s always the possibility his ex-fiancé will learn to love arcade games in her own time.