Classic Home Arcade Console ColcoVision Set to Return

One of the very first gaming systems that ported titles from the most popular arcade machines for home use is back, and it just might be better than ever. The ColcoVision home gaming system hasn’t been manufactured in quite a few years, but the company’s newest owners are looking to put the console back on the market. Rantmedia Games is best known for publishing classic arcade titles on mobile devices, became the new owner of ColcoVision recently.

Their goal is to start off by transferring all of the classic games that originally appeared on ColcoVision to an app compatible with iTunes. If all goes well, the actual ColcoVision gaming console could be headed toward a game store near you. While it is still possible to purchase the original home system, buyers need to beware. A home gaming console that is more than 30 years old is bound to have technical issues. In other words, gamers could end up buying several ColcoVision gaming systems before finally finding one that actually works.

In order to get all of the titles ported from the arcade to the ColcoVision console, Rantmedia is looking to raise $250K in donations and investments. That might seem like a lot of money, but in the gaming industry, it’s just a drop in the bucket. When the ColcoVision debuted in 1982, its creators had no idea that it would become a worldwide success. The system acted as the inspiration for other home consoles such as the NES and the Sega Genesis.

There might not be millions of gamers clamoring for a new and improved version of the ColcoVision, but plenty of dedicated fans would be interested in seeing a long forgotten system raised from ‘the dead.’ Some arcade machines were never ported to home consoles, but more than 20 of the most exciting titles of the early 1980s became playable on the ColcoVision. It will probably be years before the end goal of this project sees the light of day. Now that classic games are becoming more accessible due to mobile platforms, the reason question is, what will the digital gaming marketplace look like in the future?