Classic Arcade Video Games – Which Ones Are Still Around Today?

A lot of popular video games were coined in the 1980s, but many of them just wouldn’t stay put. Titles like Pong might come to mind, but that one was actually authored in the 70s, as was Galaxian. The original Pacman arcade machine was first prolific video game introduced in the 80s that is still being actively licensed and distributed. Pacman can also almost single handedly be credited for starting the arcade video game copycat craze. It was not until the Pacman franchise became a hit that other companies started to seriously manufacture knockoff arcade machines.

Can you think of another popular video game from the 80s that still has a following? How about the Final Fantasy series? Final Fantasy changed the way RPGs were viewed in the industry. In the beginning, fights and spells described with only text, but later inceptions of Final Fantasy included enhanced graphics consisting of expertly rendered fight sequences. Comic books, sequels, cosplay and even a live action movie was inspired by the original Final Fantasy game released in 1987.

John Madden Football is another game that should be familiar to both sports buffs and gamers. Featuring a heavily pixilated field consisting of two sets of in-zones and goal posts, players could pretend that they were making the winning catch at the super bowl. If only you could make out their faces back then. John Madden Football was eventually transformed into the Madden Live franchise. Not only can you now identify each and every player on the field, you can also create your own teams from scratch.

Mobile phones have introduced a new category of games into the industry. In particular, developers are creating a lot of puzzle and strategy themed games because they appeal to more people. Tetris really can be thought of as the godfather of mobile gaming, even if it was produced way back in the 80s. The original Tetris quickly became the hottest game for handheld gaming devices like the GameBoy. While a classic Pacman arcade machine can be converted into a mobile device version, an entire class of strategy based single player games were inspired by Tetris. The original title has been recreated numerous times, but Pajitnov’s original creation remains unbeaten.