Classic Arcade Machines Now Bitcoin Compatible

Around 10 years ago, arcade hall operators began to experiment with what are known as micropayments. The vast majority of experience arcade goers came ready with coins in hand, but a few stubborn patrons demanded other payment options. Change machines work to convert paper bills into change, but converting credit into change was all but impossible. The classic cocktail arcade machine was fitted with a digital credit card reader, and suddenly, arcade gamers could swipe and play. Tokens and coins are still preferred by most arcade business owners. Newer arcade machines now come with slots for paper money and even dispense change, but credit card processing? Not so much.

However, Liberty Games, believes that modern gamers generally prefer more streamlined payment processes. PayPal, Google Wallet and Bitcoin give users the ability to pay for goods and services without requiring much work. Buying a new watch online with your credit card might take you a good five minutes. Even making a purchase at the cash register may require you to stand on line. Liberty Games has created a Bitcoin payment processing accessory that can be fitted on arcade machines. Businesses are becoming more willing to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but they’re not finding many payment processing methods available.

Selling pool and billiards tables, and now, cocktail arcade tables with Bitcoin payment processing, Liberty Games believes that more consumers will become interested in the technology as they see it with more frequency. With a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, users can decide the amount of Bitcoin that they want to send to the arcade machine, and the digital reader will confirm and convert said amount. Not only will gamers have a record of all money they spend at the arcade tables, they’ll also have no problem getting credit in case a game becomes out of order. Bitcoin has been heavily featured in the news, but most people simply haven’t had the chance to try it out. If given the opportunity to play their favorite classic titles in exchange for Bitcoin, more gamers might be willing to give it a shot.