Classic Arcade Gaming Fans Getting More Creative By the Day

Call it a novelty or an obsession with nostalgia, but arcade game players have been experimenting with modified versions of their preferred games since the late 1970s. It is easy to imagine the remnants of multiple classic Ms Pacman arcade machines scattered around a dimly lit basement, while a dedicated fan uses their internal pieces to create something that is larger than life. But when James Mitchell built his Ms Pacman inspired creation, he was going for the opposite effect. After managing to create an absolutely perfect replica of the original Ms. Pacman arcade game, it looks like Mitchell only planned to do the obvious; play on it until his hand cramped.

The tiny Ms. Pacman game has a screen that renders color graphics, as well as a fully functioning control system. Mitchell also built a miniature sized game cabinet from inexpensive wood scraps, and painted it to feature the original game art. The reason behind Mitchell’s sudden urge to create a miniature version of Ms Pacman is simple; the unofficial Bring a Hack Dinner after Maker Faire. These events feature talented tinkers, and miniature versions of arcade and home video games are apparently favored by many attendees. Mitchell isn’t shy about showing how well his version of the game captures the essence of the original, and he’s also completely willing to show everyone else exactly how he did it.

The miniature Ms Pacman arcade machine isn’t going to be turned into some type of new portable game produced for the masses, but there are likely to be a couple of fans that read Mitchell’s detailed tutorial. If you know how to splice wires together, saw wood, and paint with a steady hand, this might be the type of project you can complete in a few days. All other fans will just have to be satisfied with playing on full-sized old school arcade machines. There are miniature tabletop arcade games, and even mobile phones that feature games like Ms. Pacman, but an actual arcade replica with the same proportions as a classic machine has to be pretty fun to play in real life.