Classic Arcade Game Fan Imitates Art

There are a lot of Youtube videos that display the creativity of Internet users. Some only take a few minutes to create and upload, while others take hours of painstaking editing. Michael Birkin, an avid classic arcade game fanatic, took what was supposed to be a project to occupy his spare time and made a homage that will stand the test of time. No one actually plays on a Pacman arcade machine in this video.

Using only post it notes, Birkin made moving images that played out a story staring the likes of Mario and Ms Pacman. Numerous characters from the most popular arcade games of the 1980s move, jump and hop, just as if they are in the original games in Birkin’s approximately two minute long video. Donkey Kong wields barrels at Mario as he ducks and dodges in pursuit of the Princess. Ms. Pacman gobbles up dots and evades ghosts, while gliding between barriers.

Birkin says that it took him nearly a year in order to complete his stop motion styled arcade game simulation. Most of the animation takes place on a large white wall within his apartment, while another small segment actually shows more of his living quarters. Post it notes in yellow, pink, blue and black were arranged in the same manner that pixels were used to create images on Pacman arcade machine displays.

The video doesn’t necessarily tell a seamless story, but it does show exactly how far a simple idea can be taken. Undoubtedly, thousands of people who have never played these games will be introduced to them by viewing Birkin’s video and becoming curious. Those that are familiar with home video consoles might be suddenly inspired to pick up a classic arcade game cartridge and work towards achieving an all time high score.

To the fans of arcade games, anything is possible. If 30 year old titles can be ported, re-mastered and re-released in countless collections time and time again, then why can’t a short video comprised entirely of post-it notes become a part of classic arcade history in its own right?