Classic Arcade Game Expo to be Held in March

In Kentucky, thousands of arcade game aficionados are expected to father for the Louisville Arcade Expo. There, some of the most beloved arcade machines will be on display for fans old and young to explore. This is the third year that the Louisville Arcade Expose has been held, and event organizers report that three times as many people are planning to come, when compared to last year.

In addition to classic arcade games, there will also be a number of pinball machines available for play. As an added bonus, all visitors will have the ability to play on the arcade games of their choosing for free. Unfortunately, thousands of attendees will have to wait their turn to enjoying playing on one of approximately 200 arcade and pinball machines.

Record holders, authors and experts in the arcade video gaming industry are also expected to be in attendance. Spectators are encouraged to dress up like their favorite characters and participate in contests. There will also be numerous tournaments at the Louisville Arcade Expo.

While each visitor has his or her own unique reasons behind coming to this year’s expo, the main draw multiple, hard to find arcade machines that will be available. The three day event will feature games such as Gorf, Space Zap, Donkey Kong and Super Pacman. Organizers have even given attendees the option of bringing their favorite pinball and arcade games with them to share.

Although the Louisville Arcade Expo is still a relatively new event, it managed to capture the attention of arcade fanatics near and far. Contemporary video game conventions rarely feature classic arcade games, and even fewer offer the chance for visitors to experience the nostalgia of the Golden Age of video games.

Tickets for the LAX are currently still on sale. Panels, tournaments and contests are to be held from 10AM until midnight for the entire weekend of March 8th. Visitors of all ages are welcome, and there will even be some events that both children and families can enjoy together. If you enjoy playing old school video games in their original format, this event cannot be missed.