Classic Arcade Controller Influence Technology

Logitech tried to keep its latest project under wraps, but the secret is out – a new iOS based video game controller will be available to consumers soon. But what does this have to do with classic arcade machines for sale or their control systems? If you consider the latest trends in home and mobile gaming, it is easy to see that developers are finally taking note from arcade games. For many companies in the mobile sector, smaller, sleeker designs equate to higher sales. It was not until they considered applications and games that they finally started to focus on screen size and mobile gaming in general.

Technology product manufacturer Logitech has an iOS compatible game controller that pays homage to classic arcade controls in a clever manner. It is important to remember that the first popular video game controllers for home use were closely based off in-arcade machine controls. Computer game enthusiasts and classicists alike were attracted to the arcade-styled controller. Today, Logitech has taken a giant leap backward in an effort to promote the classics. The design is modern and the layout is unique, however, arcade styled game controllers have been around for decades already.

The Logitech GameCase controller is enough that it can be held upright with two hands. Its touchscreen eliminates the need for buttons, but shifting the device in the desired direction is eerily similar to directional based joysticks. While companies like Apple and HP have battled over the tablet market, it’s the inventiveness of accessory makers that shape consumers’ preferences. As the first ever tablet game control accessory available for purchase, the GameCase will certainly help to land Apple some new, first-time customers.

This mobile accessory doesn’t look anything like the standard controls on classic arcade machines, but its functionality closely matches its predecessor. This gaming controller is likely to greatly change the way that mobile gaming is perceived. No longer restricted to single players seeking short-term entertainment options, mobile gaming could take the industry by surprise. Players will eagerly wait their turn at the controls when they get a glimpse of the GameCase for the first time.