Christmas 2018 Gift Ideas for Retro Gamers

From vertical arcade games to retro game bundles to re-released versions of your favorite classic home gaming machines – what are the best Christmas 2018 gift ideas for retro gamers.

Maybe you’re looking for something for the retro gamer in your life, someone you know who is starting catch the retro gaming bug, or you want ideas to pass onto your significant other of things they might buy you for Christmas.

Whatever your motivation, here are some retro gaming ideas for all budgets and tastes.

Classic Arcade Machine

Home gaming consoles are convenient, and they have fantastic games. Plus, the interactivity, gameplay, and graphics available on modern consoles are amazing. Still, there is nothing quite like standing in front of a full-size arcade machine with a joystick in your hand and your fingers on the buttons playing a game like Pac-Man. Check out our range today.

The C64 Mini

Whether you got the chance to experience the delights of a Commodore 64 back in the 80s or not, the C64 Mini makes a great Christmas gift. It includes some fantastic 8-bit games like Speedball 2, Monty Mole, Uridium, and more. Plus, you get a retro joystick and, best of all, you don't have to wait for the games to load like we all did back in the day.

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini

This one is for gamers who remember the 90s and the days of the SNES. Those were the days of 16-bit games and controllers much more like the controllers that come with leading modern consoles. The SNES Classic Mini comes with over 20 built-in games including the iconic Legend of Zelda as well as Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World.

Super NT

What if the person you're buying for already has a much-loved collection of SNES games in cartridge format? There is an alternative gift idea you can consider – the Super NT. It’s made by a company called Analogue and lets you plug in your old SNES game cartridges. It also comes with a classic controller and an HDMI cable, so you can plug it into your modern TV.

PlayStation Classic

This one is a bit younger again but makes it onto this list because it's new. We head into 32-bit territory with the PlayStation Classic. It has an old-school PlayStation controller and 20 built-in games, including Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid. It will keep any PlayStation fan happy well into 2019.