Canada Wins Gold at eGames Event in Brazil

You win the respect of your buddies when you log the highest score on your Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade game, but you don’t win a gold medal. However, if you’d like to start improving your gaming skills, you could.

The International eGames Group held an event, the first of its kind, in Rio de Janeiro, with teams from multiple countries competing for the top prize. Though the showcase’s challenge didn’t offer prize money, the winner received a gold medal and national pride.

In this year’s competition, Canada’s Elliot Carroza-Oyarce won the Super Smash Bros. competition, held at the British House in the Parque Lage mansion. Carroza-Oyarce beat Larry Holland of Team USA three games to two on the Nintendo Wii U. The match was streamed live on Twitch and thousands tuned in to take in the match. Leonardo Lopez Perez of Mexico won bronze in the competition. Other contestants hailed from Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Trinidad & Tobago.

Will eSports Ever Be Categorized as an Olympic Event?

It’s an interesting debate: should eSports be considered an Olympic event? Will gaming ever be included in the Olympic line-up?

The International eGames Group doesn’t seem to mind that eSports are currently left out of the Olympics, but the organization is taking steps to hold their own events in the same locations and around the same time period as each Olympics event.

When the 2018 Winter Olympics take place in South Korea, the group plans to organize another event. Eventually they expect attendance at these events to increase, so they may hold their e-gaming competitions shortly after the regular Olympics conclude.

Those who are advocates of adding eSports to the Olympics acknowledge that there are many challenges to doing so. First, the game makers would have to allow their work to be publicized. Second, certain countries may not condone the violence present in some first-shooter games like Call of Duty, a game regularly played at many current eSports competitions. It would also be difficult for some countries to form teams with an equal representation of both men and women.

But as eSports gain more publicity and increased viewership, no one is ruling out their potential future inclusion to the games. Start honing your skills and you could wind up with an official Olympic medal around your neck.