Business Booms For Chicago Based ‘Arcade Bars’

While you might be able to find a handful of arcade games in a bar every now and then, bars and arcades usually don’t mix. Since arcades are generally geared toward the youth, you would be hard pressed to find an arcade that serves spirits. However, two establishments in the greater Chicago area have been able to successfully combine these contrary concepts. Headquarters Beercade and Emporium Arcade Bar house a wide selection of classic arcade games, and they also have quite a few impression brews on tap.

Bars may usually be the place where people go to socialize, but these two bars cater to the arcade game aficionado. It might be unwise to place an ice cold mug of beer next to a priceless arcade game, but surprisingly, no major accidents have been reported. It is highly uncommon for multiple niche eateries to do well, especially when they are established at approximately the same time. In this case, it seems that there are many fans of arcade games in the Windy City. In fact, both businesses have plans to expand their locations in the near future.


Headquarters Beercade will taking over another bar directly next door in order to add an impressive showcase of pinball machines. On the other hand, Emporium Arcade Bar will be expanding in order to accommodate an overwhelming number of requests for private parties. Even though these two bars largely cater to the same audiences, they seem to be going in two different directions. With more space for pinball machines, Headquarters Beercade will be able to draw in more customers. Emporium Arcade Bar will have a more intimate setting, which may appeal to the more ‘sophisticated’ consumer.

Anyone that has ever dreamed of drinking a beer while browsing arcade machines should plan a trip out to Chicago. You will have to pay in order to play on the arcade machines at both bars, but a handful of quarters will give you hours of entertainment. Those that live in the local area should pay them a visit before they start limiting hours before their planned renovations in May and mid summer.