BurgerTime Remake in the Spotlight for a Limited Time

In BurgerTime, one serving was never enough. In an ethereal, digital version of ‘Chutes and Ladders,’ this classic was part puzzle game, part fighting title and extraordinarily entertaining. Although the original game’s developer did go on to create a sequel, few fans of the game were impressed. Starting in the new millennium, mobile ports and updated versions started becoming available on smart phones. BurgerTime World Tour recreates the original magic, but this time, players have to scale a 3 dimensional, rotating landscape. The black backdrop featured in the original arcade machines has been replaced with the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

Enemy pickles, hot dogs and fried eggs are still around in the remake, and they have more personality than ever. With each step that main character Peter Pepper makes, the game’s perspective shifts. You have to sort of memorize where each burger ingredient is, remembering how to get back to the platform it is on as you go round in circles. BurgerTime World Tour has been available since 2011, but that ended at the end of April. The game’s maker, MonkeyPaw, may be able to put it back up for sale if a new licensing agreement is met, but there are no guarantees.

The remake of BurgerTime is certainly brighter and busier than its predecessor, but it is also very unique from the original game’s linear style. Players can maneuver more easily with controlled drops between the gaps between high ledges. There are also speed boosts, boss fights, multiple weapons, and jumping capabilities. All of the additional features are nice, but those that loved the simplicity of BurgerTime may find themselves overwhelmed.

This version of BurgerTime is still seen as a moderately paced game, especially when it is lined up to other modern puzzle titles. In summary, you can make burgers in BurgerTime World tour while you squash your foes, but there are more differences than similarities overall. Peter Pepper can now jump on flying rockets and sprinkle pepper on bosses in rich color, all while still making the burgers. When the first BurgerTime vintage arcade machines were made, nobody ever imagined that the main character would still be flying high 32 years later.