‘Breakout’ Arcade Game Briefly Available Via Google

From time to time, Google has been known for changing up the appearance of its search page. On even rarer occasions, users have been treated from everything from the computer simulated version of the Pacman arcade machine to sponsoring fan art exhibits. This week, the arcade classic ‘Breakout’ has been cleverly hidden away in an area of the Google image search page.

One only has to do a search for the title of the game itself to have their computer screen suddenly transform into the home version of the game. Although simplistic, ‘Breakout’ is notoriously addictive. Before most know what’s going on, they’ve already completed a few rounds and completely forgotten about their tasks at hand.

Like all other surprise endeavors from Google, this limited edition home version of Breakout will only be available for a short while. Since Google has yet to make a formal announcement about the inclusion of its game, you can bet that it will disappear before long.

’Breakout,’ which was originally released in 1982 has been in existence for more than three decades. It should be noted that Google choose to promote the original version of the game rather than any of its more sleek and modern inceptions. Using only a single paddle, players must keep their game ball alive while furiously taking out blocks.

All in all, this title might even be more iconic than the Pacman arcade machine when it comes to computer users. This is because homebrew versions of ‘Breakout’ has been available on PCs, Macintoshes and other computers since the late 1980s. Like Doom and Wolfenstein, anyone that is familiar with DOS knows that ‘Breakout’ was one of the few games that could easily be played on clunky computers mainly made for programming purposes.

It is not known when Google will pull the plug on the ‘Breakout’ Easter egg, but in a few months time a new feature will take its place. For now, you can head over to Google Images, search for ‘Breakout’ and play this game in its original form. No information on high scores or online leader boards are currently available.