Beer Arcade Craze Makes Its Way to Tennessee

For adults that aren’t interested in the club scene, beer arcades have served as the newest hot trend that just might stick around for awhile. After all, there aren’t too many other businesses prominently displaying the original Ms Pacman cocktail table that are turning enough in profits to expand in less than a year. Tennessee will soon welcome its very own arcade themed bar and restaurant. Fittingly named, Two Bits, the newest in a line of fun, hip restaurants and bars that focuses as much on entertaining the diner as it does satiating the appetite.

Although the flagship Two Bits arcade/bar/restaurant has not opened its doors, its owners are already planning to open a second location. Beer arcades provide entertainment for a diverse group of gaming aficionados. They’re not nearly as intimidating as sports bars, they serve a wide range of finger foods, and singles, small groups and families can all enjoy the surroundings. When you’re done downing your plate of wings, beer arcades provide opportunities for socializing as well as hours of vintage gaming fun.

Those that eat out on a regular basis have pretty much seen it all, from seafood restaurants decorated in nautical themes to burger shacks featuring décor from the 1950s. Most themed restaurants are a treat for the eyes, but they rarely go beyond the surface. On the other hand, beer arcades are 100% authentic, and the environment actually invites patrons to take a hands-on approach.

If Two Bits is the smash success that its owners hope it will be, it might end up becoming the newest beer arcade themed restaurant chain making its way through the South. With hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent during the planning stages, it seems like the forces behind Two Bits is sparing no expense. Beer arcades are neither pretentious nor flashy, unless you count the flashing lights of the vintage Ms Pacman cocktail table. There may not be too many friendly neighborhood bars around from your parent’s generation, but beer arcades appeal to all generations, which has helped to close the gap between the emerging younger generation and those around since the inception of the arcade machine.