Battlefield to Become a TV Series

Battlefield wasn’t conceived until a few decades after cocktail table arcade games were enjoying the spotlight, but it’s a classic first-person shooter series all the same. And now, Paramount Television has announced that they’re going to turn the game into a new series, shot for television. Since video game movies don’t always get rave reviews, would a TV show be a better fit?

The Production Team

Don’t give up hope on Battlefield as a TV series before you consider the people behind it. Paramount has partnered with Anonymous Content for the project, and that’s a positive sign.

If you were unaware, Anonymous Content is responsible for award-winning movies like Spotlight and The Revenant. Their TV shows include Mr. Robot and True Detective. The company also produced Winter’s Bone, Jennifer Lawrence’s break-out movie, and manages actors whose names you may recognize: Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and more. Michael Sugar, the producer of Spotlight, and Ashley Zalta will be executive producers for Battefield.

Battlefield’s Runaway Success

If the TV series can gain a small fraction of the popularity of the Battlefield franchise, that’s all it needs. Battlefield has been popular since 2002, selling over 60 million copies worldwide. It started out as a PC game, developed by the Swedish company EA DICE and published by the American company Electronic Arts. It is comparable to many other first-person shooter games, in that it focuses mainly on online play.

There is no set timeline for Battlefield development, but Sugar is positive about the upcoming project.

“Together with EA and Paramount TV, we’ll develop the Battlefield TV series with the same commitment to robust storytelling that has made the game such a runaway success for nearly 15 years,” Sugar said.

For fans of the popular game, the anticipation is only set to build from here. Will the series be set in a specific historic time or the future? Will it air on a popular network or a streaming service like Netflix? And, most importantly, who will star in the TV adaptation of the game? Stay tuned for more information on all things Battlefield.