Bandai Namco Brings Star Wars Back to the Arcade

It seems like every week a new video gaming system is announced, and customers flock to the checkout lines in their rush to purchase the latest and greatest. In 2015, we’re going back in time. Star Wars fans – get ready to rejoice: Bandai Namco has created a new Star Wars arcade game, and they will have many arcade machines for sale beginning in January 2015.

The game itself, called Star Wars: Battle Pod, features memorable scenes from the original Star Wars Trilogy movies and is designed to make game players feel like they are in the action. The game is set up with player as the pilot, having the chance to fly the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader’s TIE fighter, direct a snowspeeder on Hoth or a speederbike on Endor, and, perhaps most exciting, take shots at the Death Star while driving the X-wing Starfighter.

Realistic Game Play Visuals

Designed as a dome cockpit pod, Star Wars enthusiasts sit in a lone seat, controlling game play with a throttle and flight stick. Game players are completely immersed in each level, experiencing vibration effects through their seat, listening to 5.1 surround sound, and watching the levels play out on the 180 degree screen, featuring Bandai Namco’s “panoramic optimization display technology.” As trial users have reported, when you take a sharp turn, you have the ability to glance from left to right, since you are completely encompassed in the game. There are also wind fans located inside the cockpit to create a realistic feeling when the aircraft speeds up.

For years arcade game fans have longed for the days gone by where classic arcade games ruled all. Could Bandai Namco’s Star Wars: Battle Pod be the beginning of a rebirth of the arcade game, only with all the feats of modern technology included?

New York Comic-Con visitors have the chance to play the Star Wars arcade game and get the full “experience” that Bandai Namco is going for at Dave and Buster’s Midtown from October 8 through November 2.