BOSA Announces the Best Arcade Games of 2014

The list of best arcade games of 2014 is out and there are plenty of winners. The Singer Report evaluated the most prolific new arcade cocktail tables released in 2013 and compiled the top games across a number of categories. The BOSA Awards is one of the most important names in the arcade and amusement game industry, and this year’s winners are excited to be recognized. Each category named three winners, ranking from gold to bronze. Fourth place winners in each category received the notable mention award.

The BOSA Awards are unique in that they honor video games that generally aren’t ported to home consoles. For example, Galaxy Collision Quad Air, created by Barron Games, is a multi-player action sports game that features a creative take on traditional air hockey. The key to being featured is creativity and innovation, which is a quality that all of these games possess. A total of 14 arcade games were announced by The Singer Report.

The Videodemption category includes Jetpack Joyrice Arcade, an action based simulator created by Adrenaline Amusements. Rail Rush Arcade was given an honorable mention, SpongeBob SquarePants – Hit the Beat came in second place and Monopoly Arcade was awarded a bronze medal. Unsurprisingly, Mach Storm Arcade won first place for video arcade games. Batman Arcade, a game featuring every inception of the Batmobile, won the bronze medal. Overtake Arcade from Wahlap Tech was awarded third place. Mario Kart Arcade GP DX earned an honorable mention.

In the sports category, DisGlo Shuffle and Galaxy Collision Quad Air were the big winners. Lastly, Lobster Robot, Down The Clown, ICE Ball FX and Snow Down Arcade came out ahead of the pack. Although creativity was a major factor, BOSA Awards judges also considered marketability, profitability and originality. Each contender was also featured at the IAAPA Amusement Expo.

Innovative arcade cocktail tables keep both game makers and arcade parlors in business. Each year, new ideas are tested out and the response of gamers are carefully measured. As long as fun games like those featured in the 2014 BOSA Awards keep being produced, the industry will continue to flourish.