Atari’s Classic Arcade Games Are Becoming Board Games

Nothing beats besting your high score on cocktail table arcade games, but once you’ve had your fill, you don’t have to leave the game itself behind. You can break out a different kind of tabletop game – a board game – based on one of your favorite classic Atari titles.

IDW Games and Atari are joining forces, developing board games to keep you just as engaged as the classic arcade machines from decades ago. If you’re a board game fan as well as an arcade junkie, this is good news for you.

Play Three Classic Titles in Board Game Format

“Centipede” is the first game IDW Games and Atari will create – it’s due out sometime in the fall of 2017. They will also be bringing “Asteroids” and “Missile Command” to tabletop board game format as well, though release dates for these titles have not yet been announced.

Board Game Art Is Derived from the Game

The covers of each of the board games (and likely the actual board and accessories) will draw on the original art of these classic arcade games.

The games will be designed by Jon Gilmour. Gilmour was the co-designer of “Dead of Winter,” a cooperative post-apocalyptic zombie-survival board game released in 2014 by Plaid Hat Games. Gilmour’s game won the 2014 Golden Geek Awards’ “most innovative” and “most thematic” game of the year. “Dead of Winter” was also nominated for the 2015 game of the year Origins Award.

While Gilmour’s game play design will likely be different than his previous work, with more of a focus on recreating the feel of the classic arcades versus a cooperative game play approach, board game fans are sure to feel excitement that he’s been selected for the project.

Expect a “Fun, Intense and Fast-Paced” Addition to Your Gaming Cabinet

According to the official press release, the Atari board games will be “fun, intense and fast-paced.” They will also be designed with a nostalgic feel, taking you back to the arcade gaming days. Plan on picking up these board game titles after their release and inject some energy into your future family game nights.