Atari Teases the Ataribox - Is It a New Console?

Fans of retro gaming might get a new toy to play with sometime this year if the hype surrounding a mysterious move by Atari is anything to go by. Could the Ataribox be another option on the growing list of classic console and arcade machines for sale? The company is teasing the Ataribox, but there is not much clarity on what it might actually be. All that is currently on the Ataribox website is a 21-second video. The video does, however, show a retro-styled box described as an "Atari product years in the making". Compounding the mysterious nature of the unveiling of Ataribox is the fact there is currently no obvious mention of it on the main Atari website. Officials from the company have, however, confirmed it is real. What Could the Ataribox Be? Atari is no longer the company it was in the 1980s when it changed arcade and console gaming forever, paving a path for today’s enormous industry. Its involvement in the gaming world currently exists mostly in the memories of those who played its games 30+ years ago. That said, it does license its name to third-parties, so the brand and the company does live on. In fact, this is a potential scenario for the Ataribox – a licensing arrangement with a third-party. However, there does seem to be a bit more substance to Ataribox than what we have become familiar with from Atari over recent years. A console that lets you play retro games is what many are anticipating. Others are speculating as to why now? It could be that Atari has seen the success of the Nintendo NES Classic and the growing popularity of playing retro games. Another factor could be that Atari celebrates its 45th birthday on June 27th. Also, the launch of a new console could coincide with the new movie Bladerunner 2049. It hits cinema screens on October 6th and is the sequel to the 1982 film Bladerunner, which featured the Atari logo prominently. Bladerunner 2049 follows this lead – just look at this screenshot from the first few seconds of the official Bladerunner 2049 trailer. Whatever the reason behind the creation of the Ataribox and whatever it does when it's released, we can't wait to find out. In the meantime, you can get the full arcade experience playing all the best Atari games on a classic arcade machine – check the options out now.