Atari Confirms the Design of the New Ataribox – And There's Wood

If you’re interested in retro gaming consoles and classic arcade machines, you’ll know that, last month, Atari started teasing the launch of a new console. All we had to work on was a name – the Ataribox – plus a short video clip, a mysterious website, and a confirmation from the company that it was, indeed, working on something.

We still don’t know everything about the new Ataribox, but we now know more than we did, particularly regarding the design. In relation to this element of its new console, Atari is keeping it retro.

The Ataribox Design

In an email to fans, Atari announced it was working on two different designs. One is a modern-looking black and red version. The red comes from the logo and the panel on the back.

Atari Box Design

To fans of the old-school, the second design is more interesting. It’s more like the Atari 2600 as it features wood on the front paneling with a white logo.

The logos light up on both designs and both have the iconic ribbed lines that most people associate with Atari.

Atari released this information as it wants feedback on the new designs. What else do we now know about the Ataribox, though?

What We Know

In the email, Atari did release some other details about its plans for the Ataribox, although we don't know everything yet. Here's what we do know:

• Atari wants the Ataribox to appeal to old fans of its games and consoles while also reaching a new audience

• There will be HDMI, USB, and SD ports in the Ataribox

• The internal specs will be modern

• The games available for Ataribox when it goes on sale will include classic as well as more modern titles

That leaves lots of things that we don't know including whether there will be any games preloaded, the titles of the games that will be available, or the release date. Atari says it is not deliberately teasing people but is instead trying to get the console right. As the console market is so competitive, including the retro console market, that is understandable.

If you don’t want to wait to play your favorite classic games, however, you can get a classic arcade machine. With pre-loaded games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, you could be reliving your youth in no time.