Arkanoid vs Space Invaders: Is This the Ultimate Android Mash-Up?


It's not always easy to get excited when looking at the classic arcade games for sale on mobile devices. Some are fantastic, but the small screens on phones and the method of interaction just aren’t what we remember when we were kids or teenagers. A new game available on Android phones might just be good enough to get your attention, though. This is because it doesn't try to be a classic arcade game. Instead, it borrows some of the best bits of instantly recognizable games, mashes them together, and fits them onto a small screen. The result is Arkanoid vs Space Invaders. Even the name is enough to get your fingers twitching in anticipation. Is it any good, though? According to the reviews on the Google Play Store, which are notoriously ruthless, just about everyone loves it.

Break the Bricks AND Deal with the Aliens

One of the reasons Arkanoid and Space Invaders works so well together as a mash-up is they both have a platform that moves at the bottom of the screen. In Arkanoid, you use your space ship Vaus (the platform) to bounce a ball to break the bricks above. In Space Invaders, your platform is a laser cannon that you use to shoot the descending aliens who are also shooting at you. In the new Arkanoid vs Space Invaders mobile game, you must break the bricks and destroy the attacking aliens. You have the space ship Vaus from Arkanoid to do this, which you move horizontally across the bottom of the screen like in the original game. The aliens from Space Invaders try to shoot you, but you can deflect their lasers back towards them. There are also power-ups, characters to unlock, and over 150 levels to beat.

Getting Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

Arkanoid vs Aliens was made by the Japanese company Taito. It developed the original version of Arkanoid in 1986 and was the original manufacturer of Space Invaders back in the early 1980s. The new Arkanoid vs Space Invaders game is marketed by Square Enix outside Japan and is available to buy on the Google Play Store. It is getting a lot of hype, but on this occasion, it appears to be worth it. If you loved the original Arkanoid and/or Space Invaders, it is worth checking this mash-up out.