Arcade Styled Game Controller Brings Style and Substance to the Home

Members of the younger generation often have no trouble playing video games at home with standard controllers. After all, they are most likely playing modern video games. Consumers that have the desire and the money to afford games like the Ms Pacman cocktail table do so with no issues. Unfortunately, anyone who likes playing games with an authentic arcade feel is normally forced to visit the local parlor in order to get the full experience.

The other option is to buy an arcade styled game controller that will likely only be compatible with a single system or computer. Trying to buy a new controller for each gaming system would result in hefty costs as well as additional storage needs. However, this problem was noticed and quickly resolved.

X-Arcade, a company that specializes in gaming accessories, released a gaming controller that simulated arcade play several years ago. The original controller was only compatible for two person game play, but a newer, streamlined version is perfectly suitable for solo gaming action.

To give players the experience that they’re looking for, X-Arcade made their Dual Joystick solid. So solid, in fact, that it weighs more than the average newborn baby. As a bonus, gamers have the ability to connect the X-Arcade Dual Controller to most home console systems and computers. This means fewer wires, less bulk and more gaming for the most avid arcade fans.

While gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of the X-Arcade Dual Joystick, they will have to wait. X-Arcade isn’t scheduled to release its latest creation until early December. The good news is that customers can pre-order the controller well in advance. Additionally, this controller is said to be programmed to work with up and coming consoles as well.

Once again, X-Arcade proves that you don’t have to own a Ms Pacman cocktail table in order to enjoy live arcade action. Whether your alone or want to play with a friend, retro gaming just got a little more convenient. Simply plug in your handy arcade styled joystick, pop in a classic game of your choosing and take a joyous ride down memory lane.