Arcade Owners Struggle to Stay Afloat in Unstable Economy

Various new and old arcade halls have announced their closings across the United States in recent weeks. From those offering classic arcade machines to newer, interactive games, consumers just aren’t flocking to arcade parlors anymore. With more and more people opting to actually purchase arcade cabinets for in home use, businesses have been trying to figure out how to stay current with the times.

Family Fun Arcade was in business for many years, and well known to visitors and tourists in Los Angeles. Slow sales forced the owners to finally close their doors. Another arcade parlor in California named Starbase Arcade went out of business this summer. From the Northeast to the Southwest, only the shrewdest and most inventive owners seem to be keeping the customers rolling in. Adult arcades Florida helped to reign in a totally new type of customer, but politicians have been quick to regulate how and where they can be operated.

Popular arcade bars and arcade machine rental services have helped to revive the industry a bit, but these ideas aren’t without their faults. In arcade bars, only patrons over the age of 21 can participate. In some rare instances, younger customers are able to visit during specially designated party rentals. In the case of arcade game rentals, customers have to shell out approximately $100 in order to get access to desirable titles. Then, you can only have three machines in your home at a single time.

Certainly, change within the arcade parlor business is not only welcome but necessary. On the other hand, playing classic arcade machines is a national pastime that has been enjoyed by entire families for decades. Making major modifications to the setting, or even the demographics could change the way people think of arcade parlor in years to come. Teenaged mall rats knew that they could buy hours of entertainment at the local game room for the price of a few quarters. Nowadays, arcade parlors have been replaced with Game Stops and ever growing food courts. Once viewed as an inexpensive way to kill time and show off you skills, arcade halls are in danger of becoming extinct.