Arcade Machines for Your Rec Room

Putting a game room or a rec room in the home can be a great way to bring together friends and family for a night of entertainment. But how do you find entertainment that suits the whole family? Create that old school arcade feel in your rec room with arcade machines and get everyone involved in the fun!

A great family recreation room offers a little something for everyone in the family. A ping pong or billiards table are great for the skilled and coordinated in the family, but for those that aren't so skill saavy, they can be hard to enjoy. They also take up a lot of space that many people simply do not have. The video games of today are great entertainment for the kids, but are usually too complicated for adults and especially for grandma and grandpa. So why not get a video game that everyone can enjoy? Take the adults back to their days growing up with the arcade machines they used to play at the pizza place or arcade.

Everyone's favorites like Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Centipede are available to purchase, and offer the same classic fun as they did thirty years ago! Arcade Classics specialize in the cocktail gaming table, which is a flat gaming surface about waist high, that doubles as a space to set down your drinks or snacks while you play, perfect for a fun game night. You can even customize the table top to your liking with all the traditional licensed artwork, college or professional sports teams, or your family's name! These throwback arcade machines are perfect for your family game room or rec room and perfect for your business too! Visit our website today to find out more about our machines and the classic games available today.