Arcade Machines From Famed ‘Funland’ Venue End Up in New Arcade

When it was announced that Funland was going out of business in 2011, few people stopped to wonder where their cocktail arcade table games would wind up. After all, visitors who had been coming to this arcade parlor for years were too busy mourning the loss of what had come to be a beloved and respected friend. Most suspected that Funland’s classic and new arcade gaming machines would end up being sold at auction, or purchased by patrons that had come to know the owners well.

Surprisingly, many pieces from the original Funland arcade made there way to a new joint called The Heart of Gaming, which is conveniently located in London. Considered to be a cutting edge, internationally known city, London has its own fair share of arcades. However, most arcades are filled with modern, interactive titles that require patrons to dance, strum guitars and shoot faux guns at imaginary targets. The appeal of Donkey Kong would probably be lost on the gamers that come to these London arcades.

Most well known for the comfortable bench styled seats that came affixed to nearly all of their arcade games, Funland was home to some of the most addicting and rare arcade titles in existence. Customers from far and wide knew that they were in for a treat once they caught a glimpse of those seats. Warm and inviting, visitors knew instantly that they could deposit a nominal amount of cash in return for hours of fun.

Although Funland is no more, it is comforting to know that the same cocktail arcade table games that once lined this venue are still being put to good use. Instead of collecting dust in someone’s garage this classic gaming machines are recording new high scores and taking on new challengers. Kids are still being enamored by their graphics, grown men still high-fiving each other when they unlock a new Easter egg. The closure of Funland signaled a huge change in the arcade gaming industry. Publishers are no longer as eager to work with arcade machine manufacturers because there is more money to be made with home gaming system. Even still, the ghosts of Funland are helping to ensure that arcade gaming never dies.