Arcade Machine Accessories Are the Newest Trend in Home Decor

Even the most luxurious bachelor pads can include retro cocktail arcade tables, promotional video game flyers or life sized posters. Perhaps it is the inner child that lies inside of all of us that makes us open to the idea of decorating our homes with classic arcade gaming nostalgia. Older video games can find themselves in an unlimited number of places. Rare and well preserved arcade machines might be displayed at a museum or stored in a private collector’s basement. People that repair, modify and generally play around with arcade games might end up keeping arcade machines and extra cabinets on hand for a rainy day.

Now, anyone who appreciate the glitz and glamour of classic arcade gaming can take home a little piece of the action and mount it right on their wall. The brightly lit arcade machine marquees found on titles such as Donkey Kong, have found a firm place in residential homes. Video game inspired art, home décor and novelties have become popularized due to websites such as Etsy, which helps the lovers and makers of quirky creations to sync up.

Serving as nightlights, backdrops or dramatic mood pieces, consumers are buying arcade machine marquees simply because they look cool. More financially practical than purchasing a new or refurbished arcade game and much more avant garde than a kit, model or other replica, having a tangible piece of arcade gaming history in your home is pretty alluring. Since this type of wall art is made from actual classic arcade machines, they are only going to be available on a limited basis.

Just when you thought there were no more creative ways to fashion the classic cocktail arcade table, something else new comes out. Now that the winter holidays have passed, now is the perfect time to be a little self indulgent. You can buy arcade machine marquee light art to match the theme of your bedroom, add some character to your kitchen or brighten up the bathroom. And if you can stand the thought of parting with one of these nostalgic pieces of arcade history, note that they also make great, affordable gifts.