Arcade Legacy – The Biggest Free Arcade in the Midwest

Few arcades have any games for free, and still fewer are proud to boast that most of their games are available to the general public at no cost at all. Arcade Legacy is a mid sized arcade parlor located in the heart of Cincinnati. In total, there are more than 50 arcade machines that are perpetually set to free play mode. In addition, there are countless televisions connected to nearly every home gaming console in existence. From the NEX to the Xbox 360, all customers have to do is pay an entry fee and they are free to play for hours on end.

Jesse Baker, owner of Arcade Legacy, opened his establishment as an answer to the conventional arcade parlor. Players that are skilled at a particular title can easily dominate a popular gaming machine, making it inaccessible to other customers. On the other hand, a new player might quickly become discouraged after sinking quarter after quarter into a new and unfamiliar machine. High maintenance and servicing fees can cause even a veteran arcade parlor owner to go out of business, while newer business owners can fail to attract the attention of their targeted audiences due to location and poor marketing.

Arcade Legacy hasn’t been open for quite a year yet, but it is already a hit. Hardcore gamers know that they can go there and play the games that they know and love. Newcomers might not feel so self conscious about having to make frequent trips to the change machine. What’s more is that Arcade Legacy already has a collection of classic arcade machines that rivals establishments that have been open for multiple years.

Perhaps Baker has been able to invest more into his business than the average arcade parlor owner, maybe its just luck. Whatever the case is, the patrons just keep coming. Visitors can also plan special events at this venue for a reasonable fee, making this the ideal destination for gaming fanatics as well as their friends. Arcade Legacy isn’t yet well known outside of the Cincinnati area, but is will probably soon become well known in the global gaming market as a must visit attraction.