Are Claw Arcade Games Skill or Chance-Based?

The reason you’re interested in a Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table for sale is because you’ve got game. You can challenge your family members, your friends and your co-workers and you always come out on top. Beating Ms. Pac-Man is a skill you’ve honed over the years and you’re proud of it. Ms. Pac-Man is a game that rewards gamers who use strategy and quick-thinking, but the same can’t be said of claw arcade games.

New Jersey Lawmaker Introduces New Regulations

New Jersey Senator Nicholas Scutari doesn’t think it’s right for claw arcade machine owners to predetermine that most gamers lose and part with their fun money for nothing. While the Division of Consumer Affairs already has standards in place that include an inspection and certification before a claw machine is placed in use, Scutari thinks stricter rules are necessary.

Scutari’s proposal gets technical. He says that the claw machines must be mechanically programmed to state-mandated specifications, ensuring that players have some chance to win. Like many others, he’s not against the claw machine being difficult, but a game that is totally rigged to deliver a predetermined profit to the owner isn’t fair to consumers.

Scutari also thinks that consumers should be fully informed before they spend all their tokens on a claw game. If the game is based on skill, they should know. If the game is based on chance, they should know that there’s nothing they can do to improve their chances of winning.

Should Claw Games Involve Skill?

If you’ve ever played a claw arcade game, you know the frustration involved. You seem to do everything right, but the claw’s grip just seems to loosen the closer you get to dropping your prize down the exit funnel.

What if game designers created a claw game where success was based on how you worked the controls, rewarding you with a prize for mastering the system? As even casinos move towards games that involve an increased skill level, arcade owners might be surprised at how much popular their claw games become if gamers could have more individual control over the outcome.