Do You Want to Go to School for Video Game Design?

You could stock your game room with all the arcade games for sale you can find, or you can indulge your love for gaming and get a degree in video game design – or you could do both. Recently, the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute announced their new major: video game production.

The new major, titled interactive media and game design, will allow students to select from three different concentrations – interactive design, business/marketing/entrepreneurship or asset production. SUNY Polytechnic isn’t the only college to begin offering majors in this industry. In fact, some schools have been supporting future designers and concept artists for years.

If you’re interested in going to school for this discipline, which schools should you place at the top of your list? According to the Princeton Review, which conducted a study on over 150 video game design schools across North America and abroad, there are schools that make the top of the list for their technology offerings, their facilities and the quality of their staff.

Here are the top three undergraduate options:

1. University of Utah

University of Utah has produced students that have gone on to co-found Adobe and Pixar. They pair art-oriented students with engineering-oriented students to create games that have since been downloaded extensively or viewed millions of times on YouTube. Students gain internships at the top production companies in the nation, including Electronic Arts.

2. University of Southern California

USC students get to learn and work in a city that’s closely connected to the film and gaming industries. Get the hands-on teaching you prefer from professionals who work in the field. With over four degree programs to choose from, you can pursue what you’re interested in most.

3. Rochester Institute of Technology

If you’re looking for a career-oriented video game design program, trust Rochester Institute of Technology. High percentages of students at this institution make plans to launch games, perhaps even completing the games before graduation. Alumni currently hold positions at major companies like Google, Microsoft and Sony.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards your dream, look no further than the top schools in the nation.