3 Items You Need for Your Arcade Game Room

Have you found an arcade machine for sale that you absolutely love? It’s finally time to start collecting cabinets and designing that home arcade you’ve been dreaming about for years. Turn your garage, spare room or finished basement into a classic arcade, and make sure you purchase these three items to add to the design:

1. ARTCADE – The Book of Classic Arcade Game Art

What better book to place on the coffee table in your game room? It’s a 324-page book with beautiful images of the golden age of arcade games. It also has interesting interviews with industry artists so when your pals are flipping through waiting for their turn on your machines, they’ll get immersed in the glory arcade days of the past.

ARTCADE is produced in Britain and is A4 sized, with pages sewn into the book’s spine so it’s easy to get the full view of each marquee image. You’ll only pay about $34 USD for this gem, and it will make an eye-catching addition to your home game room.

2. Pac-Man Arcade Wall Clock

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re so focused on the next level. This illuminated Pac-Man wall clock is sure to catch your eye. Even if it doesn’t, you will definitely notice it each and every hour since it will play music and sound effects you recognize from the classic game.

It’s the perfect way to decorate your game room and honor one of the greatest classic games of all time. Order your own here.

3. 1980s Arcade Pillows

For a low cost, you can hide that old, rugged couch in your game room by adding arcade-themed pillows that capture the fun of games from the 1980s. Get scenes from Donkey Kong or Super Mario Bros. imprinted on the pillow size of your choice and you will complete the decoration of your favorite room in the house.

Of course, the most important part of any arcade room is the games. For a wide selection of upright and cocktail table arcade machines, visit ArcadeClassics.net.