Annual Game Developers Conference to Take Place in LA

This coming November, the annual Game Developers Conference will join forces with the App Developers Conference in Los Angeles. For the most part, these conferences will be covering home based video games and mobile gaming applications, but a few cocktail arcade tables will also be thrown into the mix. While some consider arcade machines to be the last of a dying breed, major events such as the Game Developers Conference continue to show that arcade gaming is still alive and well.

In fact, some of the industry’s leader arcade machine developers and publishers will be in attendance at the Game Developers Conference in the exhibitors’ hall. While plenty of classic arcade gaming fans will be in attendance, gamers looking to preview the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will likely be present in droves. Sony has announced that a special presentation demonstrating how consumers can access free titles via the PlayStation 4. This move comes on the heel’s of Microsoft’s announced changes to the Xbox Live Arcade platform.

Given the fact that both of these home gaming systems are reported to cost approximately $500, both Microsoft and Sony are aware of the fact that physical titles will be a particularly hard sell during the 1st quarter. Since consumers will be deciding on whether to purchase these new gaming consoles or more versatile tablets, both manufacturers know that they need to impress buyers every chance they get.

Virtual gaming will also be making an appearance at the Game Developers Conference. For years, member of the gaming industry have tried to pushing virtual home gaming systems onto consumers, but so far, no product has managed to stick. Virtual gaming developer Augmented Reality isn’t promoting an individual system, but the company does plan to show apprehensive gamers that reality doesn’t bite. Through a series of live demos, spectators will learn how to apply the finer points of virtual reality gaming.

The Gamer Developers Conference will only be held for a few days, but tickets are still currently on sale. You might not be able to pick up any new cocktail arcade machines, but you can learn a trick or two.