Amazon launches Retro Zone with Classic Gaming Products

For fans of classic games, Amazon's decision to launch a Retro Zone focused on retro gaming will be no surprise. Of course, playing Pac-Man Lite or other mobile versions of the classic game is not the same as sitting at a Pacman cocktail table to enjoy the full 1980s experience. The existence of the Retro Zone on Amazon, however, shows just how popular classic games have become.

In fact, a whole new generation of gamers more used to offerings like Minecraft, Overwatch, or Skylanders are now becoming fans of games 40-somethings played in 80s arcades.

New Corporate Launches

The popularity of retro gaming is prompting a lot of brands to get into the market. A new Atari console is coming out in 2019, for example, as is a new Commodore 64 computer. The SNES Classic is already a success for Nintendo plus you can play lots of classic games on your mobile with offerings like the Sega Forever collection. There are also plenty of game collections for consoles like Nintendo's Arcade Archives for the Switch.

The Amazon Retro Zone

The Amazon Retro Zone is like a mini-site within Amazon that focuses entirely on retro gaming. It includes:

• Retro games in the Amazon Appstore and on Android – Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Fatal Fury Special, Raystorm, Dragon Quest IV, and more

• Retro gaming consoles – Atari Flashback 7, Sega Genesis Classic, SNES Classic, and more

• Clothing lines – featuring classic gaming themes link Pong, Mega Man, and more

• Retro gaming toys – Mario figures, Mega Man figures, Pac-Man soft toys, and more

• Books – such as Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino plus much more

In addition, Amazon has given some big retro gaming brands separate sections in the Retro Zone. They include Sega, Atari, Nintendo, and Square Enix.

There are Amazon exclusives in its Retro Zone too, plus it has offers and giveaways – the launch of the Retro Zone was marked by a competition to win a SNES Classic console. In addition, Amazon has promised to regularly refresh the zone with new products, particularly new games.

Amazon isn’t the first major brand to launch a retro gaming initiative or product, and it won’t be the last. The only way to really recapture the experience of playing your favorite 1980s games, however, is on an arcade machine. Check out our collection of classic arcade machines that are pre-loaded with fantastic retro games.