Amazon Acquires Curse; Facebook May Join the Gaming Sphere

Back when a tabletop arcade machine was the latest and greatest addition to the local arcade, could you ever have imagined a world where you could talk to your friends while sitting on your couch, beating the next level with a handheld controller and watching the game unfold on your TV screen?

The world of gaming has progressed rapidly, and the new developments just keep coming. As large companies use their resources to expand what gaming platforms have to offer, the user experience will only continue to get better. That’s what Amazon is aiming for, and that’s why they recently agreed to buy Curse, Inc., a gaming website network that offers many attractive features for gamers around the world.

Amazon Poised to Profit Off Gaming Industry

It all started with Amazon’s acquisition of Double Helix Games in February 2014. Shortly after, the company also acquired Twitch, the video game live-streaming service. Curse is the latest gaming-related platform to join Amazon’s network, and there is no telling how the company will leverage Curse’s websites and features, but it’s guaranteed to be good news for gamers.

Currently, Curse, Inc. is most appreciated for its Curse Voice service. Using Skype, Steam and, users can connect with friends and chat while playing various online games, including League of Legends. Curse also offers game modification management and provides guides and databases for gamers. Their network has over 30 million monthly visitors. Clearly, Amazon sees the value of Curse, Inc. and is likely looking to integrate the company’s services with Twitch.

Facebook Wants to Get Back in the Gaming Game

Facebook is clearly not blind – they see that gaming is taking off and they don’t want to be left behind. Though the details are still under wraps, sources report that the social network is developing a gaming service designed for desktop and laptop computers. Facebook is supposedly teaming up with Unity Technologies to make game development easier for developers looking to publish games on Facebook. Time will tell whether or not Facebook’s latest effort can propel it into the gaming sphere like Amazon.