The AbleGamers Charity Is Making a Huge Difference The AbleGamers Charity Is Making a Huge Difference

What if you weren’t able to join in when all of your friends were beating the high scores on the local arcade’s cocktail arcade machine? Kids (and adults) with disabilities experience this feeling each and every day when their limited mobility prevents them from participating in the exciting hobby of gaming simply because they can’t work the controls. It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing, but there’s a charity that’s making a major difference in thousands of lives: AbleGamers.

Games Are Designed without Disabled Gamers in Mind

For years, popular games were built for consoles and designed to only let players succeed if they can use two hands on one controller. It’s a standard design that works for many people, but not the disabled.

The AbleGamers Charity was founded in 2005 in West Virginia with a central mission: resolve this problem and make it possible for people of all abilities are able to enjoy the mental, emotional and social benefits that come from gaming.

Specially-Designed Equipment Caters to Limited Mobility Gamers

The AbleGamers Charity has partnered with many manufacturers that are constantly working to design adaptive equipment that allows people with disabilities to play the popular games they’ve been dying to try. Since everyone has different conditions and different physical abilities, it can be challenging to find the right combination of equipment to make gaming possible for them, but AbleGamers is up to the task.

A device called the Adroit Switchblade makes it possible to customize any regular console controller with the preferred type of switch. Gamers without full strength in their hands can use a light-touch switch, but it’s as if they’re pressing the regular console controller button. There is also a piece of equipment called the Eye Tracker 4C which allows gamers to use their eye movements to play popular games like “Assassin’s Creed.”

Games Offer a Window to a New World

Video games let the player live in a virtual world, run, jump, shoot and explore. It’s a fun, stimulating experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy, and the AbleGamers Charity relies on generous donors to make it a possibility for people with disabilities all over the country.