Nintendo-Themed Theme Parks Will Soon Be a Reality in the U.S.

Soon you won’t need a multi game arcade machine to immerse yourself in all of your favorite game titles – all you need is a ticket to Universal Studios. Nintendo is teaming up with the theme park company to bring its classic titles to life. Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood will all be recipients of Nintendo’s new theme park attraction creations. It’s time to start planning your vacation. Continue reading

The Walking Dead Comes to Arcades

Modern arcade machines have to push normal boundaries to get noticed and create a following. The new Walking Dead arcade cabinet most likely won’t have that problem – the show has been pushing boundaries for years and has gained millions of viewers as a result. Will the new arcade cabinet produce the same result? Continue reading

7 Holiday Gifts for Classic Gamers

Your loved one can’t stop looking at classic arcade games for sale. They’re obsessed with some of the greatest arcade titles in history, as well they should be, and you’re trying to think of holiday gift ideas that will make them as happy as achieving the next high score in Pac-Man. Continue reading

The NES Classic Is a Hit…Again

Not all arcade game machines for sale today are built just like the old classics. The same can be said of gaming consoles, a fact fans of the NES Classic know all too well. Continue reading

Video Games Designed to Get You Moving

From 2K Sports and Fitbit to exercise product entrepreneurs, video game designers everywhere are working towards a lofty greater goal: inspiring gamers to exercise. Reward yourself later with a sit-down session at your cocktail arcade table, but right now, if you want to develop a six-pack and earn a boost in NBA2K17, you’d better get moving. Continue reading

4 New Places to Enjoy Classic Arcade Games

You know where to find cocktail table arcade games for sale, but where can you find cocktail table arcade games for play? These four new restaurants and bars are furthering the cause of bringing classic arcade games back into the spotlight. If you live in or near any of these locations, these are four joints you will want to check out! Continue reading

Video Games Are Addictive...But Not as Much as Gambling

You love your Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table, but you aren’t about to transport it to work to wile away the hours until 5 p.m. (It’s a different story if you have a home office.) Thanks to the internet and smartphones, you can still access video games at work, and according to studies, many people do. But thankfully, even with the high popularity of online gaming, you’re not as likely to experience addiction as if you were gambling with money. Will that change now that casino arcade games are becoming a reality? Continue reading

4 Interesting Video Game Careers

There’s a reason your Pac-Man arcade cocktail table keeps your friends busy for hours – it’s a classic. It has an exciting draw that keeps you and your pals coming back for more, ready to top the latest high score. Continue reading

Sega’s Newest Arcade Game: Daytona USA

It’s one of the classic arcade game machines from the 90s and it’s back. Sega is producing a brand new Daytona USA racing arcade cabinet and racing fans everywhere are rejoicing. The latest installment, Daytona 3 Championship USA, is going to shock you with its amazing design, but only time will tell if it draws as large a crowd as its predecessors when it hits arcades. Continue reading

Study Shows Video Games Have an Influence on Teen Behavior

Want another reason to buy your teen a classic game like a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game? A new study released by researchers at the University of Nottingham shows that when teens play modern video games that have drug and alcohol references, it increases their chances of smoking and drinking. Not only are classic titles like Ms. Pac-Man just that – a classic – it won’t have the kind of detrimental effect that researchers claim titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty are causing. Continue reading

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