Faulty Research: Questioning the Link Between Video Games and Violence

Back when “Ms. Pac-Man” cocktail tables were all the rage, were parents worried about games causing their children to break into violent outburst? It’s a topic of much discussion today, with realistic, first-person shooter games solely in the spotlight. Study after study has tested the connection between video games and violence, with mixed, and now conflicting results. One study claimed playing first-person shooter games trained gamers to use weapons more accurately in real life. That study is now being retracted. Continue reading

“Street Fighter” Turns 30 This Year

When you picture your ideal cocktail arcade table, you picture playing “Street Fighter.” It’s one of the most popular martial arts arcade game franchises of all time – you can’t think about the classic gaming days of the 80s without humming the “Street Fighter” theme song. Since 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the game’s debut, Capcom is planning on putting the title back into the spotlight. Continue reading

South Korean Military Plagiarizes Video Game Footage to Showcase New Jet

You may be able to find arcade machines for sale, but you won’t find any video game developer willing to part with their intellectual property. Someone needs to alert the South Korean military of that fact. In a 2015 video that was supposed to detail the amazing capabilities of their new fighter jet, they plagiarized video game footage from two different games. Now the military is in the hot seat, especially since taxpayer money was used to create the promotional video. Continue reading

Who’s the Richest Man in the Video Game Industry?

Over the past few decades, the gaming industry hasn’t slowed down. Tabletop arcade games were only the beginning – today, there’s a gaming device in 80 percent of American households. What began as a curiosity is now a booming industry, and many people have profited off of that fact. None more so than Gabe Newell. Continue reading

Video Games: Can They Help You Exercise? Can They Treat Depression?

Back when the Pac-Man arcade machine was the latest and greatest video game around, parents weren’t as worried about the level of exercise their children were getting every day. Today, video games present much more of a threat to the activity levels and overall health of the gamers who play them, especially kids. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Continue reading

The “Starcade” Game Show Is Making a Comeback

Remember “Starcade?” Yes, that “Starcade”, the game show where contestants had to answer video game trivia questions and score as many points on a Pac-Man arcade table as they could. If that was your favorite game show as a kid, you’re in luck, because it’s making a comeback! Continue reading

Cuba’s First Independent Video Game: “Savior”

Josuhe Pagliery and Johann Armenteros didn’t grow up with gaming options, with arcade games for sale and for play. They grew up in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, in isolation from the latest gaming developments and gaming communities. Still, Pagliery and Armenteros are inspired video game developers who are working hard to develop Cuba’s first independent video game. Continue reading

Will “Project Scorpio” Deliver on The Hype?

Back in the day, the only choice of platform gamers had was deciding between an upright arcade machine and a cocktail table arcade game. Today, the gaming platform options are plentiful, and console makers battle for the attention of each and every gamer. This year, Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio” is set to join the fight. Continue reading

“Double Dragon” Is Back for the Fourth Time

A cocktail arcade machine is designed to take you back in time to the days of classic gaming. Can you remember far enough back to when “Double Dragon” was all the rage? It’s been a few decades since its original release, but classic gaming fans will soon be able to revisit this martial arts classic. Continue reading

Microsoft About to Make PC Gaming Better

As a classic game lover, you may agree that the only rival to a multi game arcade is the lure of the PC. While consoles are frequently talked about, the PC rakes in much higher sales numbers for the gaming industry. With Microsoft enhancing the user experience with its new Windows 10 Game Mode update, PC gaming will only become more of a draw. Continue reading

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