Will “Project Scorpio” Deliver on The Hype?

Back in the day, the only choice of platform gamers had was deciding between an upright arcade machine and a cocktail table arcade game. Today, the gaming platform options are plentiful, and console makers battle for the attention of each and every gamer. This year, Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio” is set to join the fight. Continue reading

“Double Dragon” Is Back for the Fourth Time

A cocktail arcade machine is designed to take you back in time to the days of classic gaming. Can you remember far enough back to when “Double Dragon” was all the rage? It’s been a few decades since its original release, but classic gaming fans will soon be able to revisit this martial arts classic. Continue reading

Microsoft About to Make PC Gaming Better

As a classic game lover, you may agree that the only rival to a multi game arcade is the lure of the PC. While consoles are frequently talked about, the PC rakes in much higher sales numbers for the gaming industry. With Microsoft enhancing the user experience with its new Windows 10 Game Mode update, PC gaming will only become more of a draw. Continue reading

Video Game Sales Expected to Reach $91 Billion in 2016

Did the creator of the first custom arcade machines ever envision this? Sales projections show that revenues are reaching unprecedented levels, bringing in an incredible $91 billion on a global scale. While this number could potentially rise after holiday sales are analyzed, the initial projections are good news for video game publishers. Continue reading

Top 4 Highest Grossing Arcade Games of All Time

Ever wonder which of your favorite titles is the most popular arcade game of all time? This list may surprise you, depending on which game is your personal favorite. These top four games have tallied incredible sales numbers and had a huge influence on the future of gaming – they’re all-stars. Continue reading

Did You Know About These Intense Video Game Laws?

There’s something to be said for cocktail arcade games – it’s likely no one was ever jailed while playing one. But if you’re a gamer from Japan or South Korea and try to take a shortcut and cheat on a video game, you could pay a steep price. Continue reading

Does Playing Video Games Make Robots Smarter?

You thought you were pretty cool when you busted out the latest high score on your Pac-Man cocktail table, but how will you feel when a robot beats you at Grand Theft Auto then drives your car around for you? You might not believe it, but some of the greatest minds of today believe that the future lies in artificial intelligence. Soon, your AI will be taking care of a large portion of your everyday tasks using a key skill called “general intelligence.” Continue reading

New Video Game Company Takes the Stage: Annapurna Interactive

Will a custom arcade machine someday be created based on one of Annapurna Interactive’s games? Annapurna Interactive is a new spinoff of Annapurna Pictures, a film production company founded by Megan Ellison in 2011. If you’ve heard of Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle and the fifth richest person in the world, it’s time you become familiar with Megan Ellison, his daughter. She’s made waves in the world of film in the short five years since her company was born, and she’s on track to do the same in the world of gaming. Continue reading

Games Help Visually-Impaired Kids Improve Peripheral Vision

Can a devotion to vertical arcade games have a real-life physical benefit? In some cases, the answer is yes, especially when the video game is designed to address a specific problem, such as impaired vision. The University of Rochester’s Center for Visual Science is developing games that directly help improve vision, specifically, peripheral vision. So far, the results have been astounding. Continue reading

Play Classic Arcade Games on Facebook Messenger

Do you enjoy bragging about holding the high score on your Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade game? Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Instead of letting you get away with your boasting, now your friends can challenge you to a match right on Facebook. This is either very good or very bad news, depending on how much you exaggerate your classic gaming skills. Continue reading

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