Nintendo Offers Classic Arcade Games for Sale with a New Mini SNES

After years of limited options, lovers of classic video games are becoming spoiled for choice. The latest offering of classic arcade games for sale comes from Nintendo with the launch of a classic edition of the SNES.

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Play Classic Sega Games for Free on Your Phone with Sega Forever

When was the last time you played the role-playing game Phantasy Star II? Do you miss seeing the original SegaSonic the Hedgehog beeping and blinking in the long line of arcade game machines of your youth? Do you fondly remember those long hours spent playing the brilliant beat 'em up arcade game Altered Beast? If so, Sega is launching a new mobile gaming venture which might interest

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Atari Teases the Ataribox - Is It a New Console?

Fans of retro gaming might get a new toy to play with some time this year if the hype surrounding a mysterious move by Atari is anything to go by. Could the Ataribox be another option on the growing list of classic console and arcade machines for sale?

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Arkanoid vs Space Invaders: Is This the Ultimate Android Mash-Up?

It's not always easy to get excited when looking at the classic arcade games for sale on mobile devices. Some are fantastic, but the small screens on phones and the method of interaction just aren’t what we remember when we were kids or teenagers. A new game available on Android phones might just be good enough to get your attention, though.

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Pac-Man: The Arcade Machines that Eats Them All

Pac-Man is the undisputed highest grossing of all the arcade machines since the beginning of time. This is a good year for recognizing the insane success of Pac-Man. The game’s creator, Tōru Iwatani, passed away at the age of 91on January 22, 2017. The game was released originally in Japan in 1980 and was met with undeniable success. The 1981release in North America, however, was an explosive, runaway, jaw-dropping success. More than $1 billion in quarters were spent on the game the first year alone. If you’re trying to decide between classic arcade machines, you can’t go wrong choosing Pac-Man.

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Nielsen Report: Mobile Gaming Grows Stagnant

Classic custom arcade machines are no longer the top sellers in the gaming industry (though we think they should be). Today, mobile, PC and console games take the top spots. Continue reading

Claw Arcade Games Can’t Cheat You Anymore

When you and your friends would rush into the arcade, you’d be so excited to play the “Pac-Man” cocktail table, you wouldn’t look twice at the claw arcade game. But plenty of kids, teens and adults have wasted countless tokens throughout the decades, trying in vain to get the claw to work the way it should – the way they’re moving the joystick!

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The AbleGamers Charity Is Making a Huge Difference The AbleGamers Charity Is Making a Huge Difference

What if you weren’t able to join in when all of your friends were beating the high scores on the local arcade’s cocktail arcade machine? Kids (and adults) with disabilities experience this feeling each and every day when their limited mobility prevents them from participating in the exciting hobby of gaming simply because they can’t work the controls. It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing, but there’s a charity that’s making a major difference in thousands of lives: AbleGamers. Continue reading

Four New Video Game Hall of Fame Inductees Announced!

Looking at cocktail table arcade games for sale? Why not purchase a cabinet that can play at least two of the four latest games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame? Continue reading

You Can Help Science: Play This Video Game to Help Build Models of Neurons

It might not be one of your favorite classic cocktail arcade games, but it’s exciting to play all the same. “Mozak” allows you to have a hand in the scientific mapping of the brain’s neurons. Instead of relaxing in front of the TV at night, try your hand at tracing the shape of a brain neuron instead. Continue reading

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