Huge Range of 80s Characters to Appear in the New Super Smash Bros. Game

A new Super Smash Bros. game is coming out on the Switch later in the year, and it promises to have just about every main character that Nintendo has produced. This includes Pac-Man from the original and iconic Pac Man arcade machine as well as Donkey Kong, Mega Man, and more.

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NES Classic Edition Tops the Sales Charts as Commodore 64 Mini Release Date is Announced

Do you remember the days when the cocktail arcade machine along with consoles like the Atari 2600 and the NES ruled the gaming industry? Those days might not be coming back, but playing classic games remains a significant modern trend.


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The Odd Story of Nintendo's Famicom Console and a Microwave

The Nintendo Famicom home game console turns 35 this month – it was first released on July 15, 1983, in Japan, around two years before it arrived in the US. During this time you probably spent a lot of your time in a multi-game arcade. Nintendo, however, got itself into a mini trademark dispute.

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Two New Options Available to Play Your Favourite Classic Games at Home

Arcade machines are undoubtedly your best option when playing classic video games, but there are other ways to play too. In fact, there is a constant stream of new products appearing on the market including reincarnated old consoles and classic games titles ported to modern machines.

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4 Facts About Space Invaders to Celebrate its 40th Birthday

The late 1970s was an important time in the evolution of gaming. It was during these years that the first trackball arcade games became available, for example. The home console market also changed forever at this time with the introduction of the Atari 2600. Continue reading

Two New Bundles Launched Letting You Play Classic 80s Games on a Modern Console

It seems like every month there are additional classic games consoles and classic arcade game machines for sale. Over the last two weeks, two new options became available:

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You Can Now Play Pac-Man on Amazon’s Alexa – Sort Of

Pac-Man is one of those games that has remained popular through multiple generations. This is why it is still possible to get Pac-Man game apps for your phone, plus it is relatively straightforward to find a Pacman cocktail table for sale if you want one.

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Spacewar! and John Madden Football are now in the World Video Game Hall of Fame

If you have a Ms Pacman cocktail table for sale, you might have been hoping the game would get into the World Video Game Hall of Fame to add a further boost to its value. However, while the 1980s classic did make it onto the 12-strong shortlist, it was not one of the four chosen.

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Donkey Kong and Pac-Man Records Stripped from Famous 1980s Gamer

If you own a Ms Pacman cocktail table, or any other type of arcade machine, you will probably spend time trying to beat your highest score. It is unlikely you would go to the lengths that well-known gamer Billy Mitchell did, however. His goal was to get world records, and he achieved those goals – until recently.

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Top 80s Movies Where Arcade Games Were Crucial to the Plot

Movies about custom arcade machines that are actually recruiting tools for intergalactic space battles, and situations where the digital and real worlds become blurred – these are just some of the examples of fantastic movies of the 1980s where arcade games are crucial to the plot.

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