7 Holiday Gifts for Classic Gamers

Your loved one can’t stop looking at classic arcade games for sale. They’re obsessed with some of the greatest arcade titles in history, as well they should be, and you’re trying to think of holiday gift ideas that will make them as happy as achieving the next high score in Pac-Man.

Here are seven gift ideas that will make their eyes light up:

1. NES Coffee Table

Does your classic game lover need a coffee table to decorate their apartment or basement game room? This table is designed to look just like a classic NES controller. It will bring back many fond memories and be the envy of their classic gaming friends.

2. Messenger Bag

Does your gaming loved one need a bag to carry their laptop to and from work or class? This handy messenger bag looks just like the original PlayStation console and comes with multiple compartments and an adjustable strap.

3. Key Holder

Another item that could double as a housewarming gift is this fun Nintendo console key holder. Mount it by the door and both player 1 and player 2 can hang their keys on the way in and quickly grab them on the way out of the house.

4. Coaster Set You don’t want permanent rings on your NES controller coffee table. Get Super Mario Bros. styled coasters to protect the finish of any surface and add another classic gaming design element to a room.

5. Nintendo Book

Here’s another item to place on a coffee table, but this functions as entertainment. This book shares art and information about all of your classic NES titles. With the NES coming back into style, it’s perfect for kids or adults who are interested in learning more about classic gaming history.

6. Baby Carrier Cover

Is one of your classic gaming fan friends a new parent? This is a great baby shower gift. Strap on this Bowser shell cover to any baby carrier and get instant chuckles from fellow gaming fans.

7. Splurge on a Classic Arcade Cabinet The holidays only come once a year. Why not make this the year you make your loved one’s wish come true? Browse the selection of classic arcade cabinets available at Arcade Classics and enjoy free shipping throughout the continental U.S.!