6 Gifts for the Classic Arcade Gaming Fan

Maybe you’re saving up to purchase cocktail arcade games for your home arcade, but in the meantime you need some stocking stuffer gift ideas for your loved one, who happens to be a classic gaming fan. This holiday season, gift them items that will truly make their eyes light up by sticking to what they love: references to and replicas of the classic games of their youth. Here are six ideas to get you started.

 1.      Arcade Coin Slot Belt Buckle

Sure, it might seem cheesy to the non-arcade game fan, but this arcade coin slot belt buckle is a fashion statement for the classic gaming fan. Order it on etsy.com and have a belt created as well. The buckle itself only costs $42 – that’s a bargain for the endless compliments your loved one is sure to receive from friends and strangers alike. And it even lights up!

 2.      Stacking Tetris Lights

Stack them on a desk at the office or on a bookshelf at home, and these Tetris-style lights glow different colors when connected. Rearrange the combination from time to time. The lights dim when separated but turn back on when fit together again. At about $30, this is another top gift option for the gaming fan.

 3.      Game Boy Phone Case

Everyone can always use a new cell phone case, especially one that makes the phone resemble an original Game Boy. For only $15, this stocking stuffer can bring back fond memories of hours spent on a favorite Nintendo game.

 4.      Super Mario Chess Set

For a present idea perfect for the loved one who not only likes classic arcade games, but simply classic games, purchase a Super Mario-themed chess set for less than $40. Control the hand-painted game pieces, including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi and more.

 5.      Arcade-Themed Artwork

Etsy.com is the prime place to find high-quality, handmade artwork celebrating the classic gaming industry. For example, order a classy canvas blueprint of an arcade machine patent drawing for less than $25 for a game room decoration that will wow your visitors.

 6.      Retro Themes They Can Wear Around Town

Finally, you must outfit your classic gaming fan with clothing they can wear proudly, besides their glowing arcade coin slot belt buckle of course. How about a retro Super Mario necktie? Or rare vintage Pac-Man Metro Ghost slip-on shoes?  Think ahead to summer and purchase a “Beach Boy” towel in the style of Game Boy.

The classic arcade game fan in your life is sure to love any or all of these holiday gift ideas – it’s time to go shopping.