6 Fascinating “Pac-Man” Facts

Ready to learn something new about your favorite classic arcade game? While you possibly did not know these interesting tidbits during your younger years playing your Pacman arcade table, this information will give you some context as to the overall success of this worldwide, groundbreaking classic game.

Pac-Man Packed In the Quarters

It probably didn’t seem like much – maybe you swiped your lunch money quarters for a round of Pac-Man, but with millions of children worldwide doing the same thing, the game grossed 2.1 billion dollars in quarters, or 10 billion quarters, by the close of the 20th century. Pac-Man is the highest grossing video game ever.

Pac-Man Was a Music Star

In 1981, Buckner & Garcia, a musical duo from Ohio, released the song “Pac-Man Fever” which quickly escalated to No. 9 on the charts. It sold one million records by the next year.

Pac-Man Used to Be a Pizza

Originally, the yellow character everyone loves was designed as a whole pizza with one slice missing, or at least that’s what the designer, Toru Iwatani was thinking about when he conceived Pac-Man.

Girls Are Allowed

The entire idea behind “Pac-Man” was to draw in the female population. Arcades of the current decade were dingy and dark, and not a place to spend Friday nights on the town. By introducing a game that would attract the female crowd, developers hoped to spark more revenue from both female individuals and couples, making arcades more of a fun, group venture rather than a solo, nerdy pastime.

A Perfect Solo Score is Possible

On July 3, 1999, Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard verified that Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida, had completed the first perfect Pac-Man game, scoring 3,333,360 points in six hours.

Next time you play your Pacman arcade table, remember these facts about the fascinating classic arcade game that launched video games to the next level both in the United States and worldwide.