6 Amazing Facts About Ms. Pac-Man

There are lots of games that come to mind when you think of those days at the arcade when you were younger. For many people, the Ms Pacman arcade game is the one they most fondly remember. It first arrived in arcades in 1982 as a sequel to the original Pac-Man game. Here are some facts you might not know about Ms. Pac-Man

1. The developers made Ms. Pac-Man to appeal to a female audience. They did this because of estimates that indicated most players of the original Pac-Man were women.

2. The appeal of Ms. Pac-Man, however, went much wider than women. In fact, many regard it as being better than the original and it regularly beats Pac-Man in top all-time games’ lists.

3. The developer of Ms. Pac-Man was Midway Manufacturing. It was the American publisher of Pac-Man under license from the game's owner and creator, Namco. There is disagreement over whether it was an unauthorised sequel, although Pac-Man owner Namco eventually got control of the rights.

4. The Ms. Pac-Man character’s name changed three times in the 72 hours before the game went into production. It was originally Pac-Woman before being changed to Miss Pac-Man. This prompted concern about the animation in the game when the male and female Pac-Man characters have a baby. The developers decided it was best the characters were married so Miss Pac-Man became Mrs. Pac-Man. The developers then changed it again to the final name, Ms. Pac-Man, because it sounded better.

5. In June 2017, a new artificial intelligence algorithm managed to beat Ms. Pac-Man by getting the highest possible score. The AI researchers were from a company called Maluuba which is owned by Microsoft. They chose Ms. Pac-Man because its unpredictability makes it very hard to solve. They had to use new AI techniques to beat it. Here's the video of the algorithm hitting the highest score:

6. The highest score you can get on Ms. Pac-Man is 999,990. While the AI algorithm reached this score, no human has managed to do so – yet. The person to have come closest is Abdner Ashman from New York. His best score is 933,580. Staying with the last point, if you would like to have a go at beating the top score on Ms. Pac-Man, you still can.