4 Tips to Up Your Pac-Man Score

You notice that shiny, polished Pac-Man arcade game for sale, and you can’t help yourself – you’ve got to add it to your entertainment room. But don’t let your friends come to visit and embarrass you with their skills. You should hold the highest score on your own Pac-Man machine, don’t you agree?

The following four tips can help you increase your score and show your friends and family why you invested the money in your own personal arcade machine to begin with: because you’re a master. Whether you’re discovering Pac-Man for the first time or trying to hone your long-forgotten skills, these suggestions can help you claim the top score for yourself.

 1.      Trust the Power of Turns

It might not seem like it at your first go-round, but the ghosts in Pac-Man are not programmed to track you. They have their own predestined patterns to follow. If you are trying to escape a ghost and aren’t sure how to exit the predicament, keep making turns until you shake them off your tail. Turning slows down the ghosts more than it slows down Pac-Man.

 2.      Avoid the Trap Locations

Where are you most likely to get caught by a ghost? If you are a new Pac-Man player you might not know the answer…yet. You are more than likely to lose a life if you’re at the bottom of the screen or directly underneath the ghost hut.

On the other hand, you can sometimes find a safe haven by hiding in the corners of the T-shapes located in the center of the screen.

 3.      Time Power Pills Correctly

Only eat power pills when ghosts are nearby. Better yet, wait until they are all clustered together so you have a better chance of consuming the most ghosts possible. When the ghosts scatter, take the opportunity to eat the dots that were too risky to reach before.

 4.      Don’t Get Too Close to Ghosts

As much as you might think you can predict a ghost’s movements, don’t get complacent. Following behind a ghost could end up burning you if they suddenly decide to backtrack. Keep your wits about you and stay aware of each ghost’s tendencies.

Following these tips and spending quality time with your new Pac-Man arcade game will help you rack up some major points – perfect for bragging rights.